Window Vinyl Installation Instructions & FAQs

Installation Directions:
1.) Prepare the surface.
• Clean the window using soapy water, then thoroughly rinse. Be sure the window is free from soap residue. Warning: Do not use any chemical-based window cleaners, as this may damage the adhesive.
• Position the graphic. Before removing backing material, unroll the graphic and position on the window. Use masking tape along the top edge to temporarily hold the graphic in its desired position. If applying to a split window, cut the graphic where the windows divide with a razor or exacto knife.

2.) Apply
• Once you select the desired placement, carefully remove the backing material. While peeling away the backing material, gently smooth the film against the window, using a felt-wrapped squeegee. If air bubbles form, lift the material gently, and reapply while smoothing the area with the bubbles.
• (If your window curves from left to right, start from the middle and work your way to each side. If your window is curved from top to bottom, then start from the middle and work your way up and then down.)
• Trim it. Carefully trim your decal with a razor blade to remove excess material around the perimeter of the window trim.
• "You've done it! Now enjoy your ride!"

*Important Notes:
• Do not stretch the material. This will cause the product to curl and lift from the window after it is installed.
• This product requires trimming with a sharp razor blade. Use extreme caution when using any sharp object, as it can cause severe injury. Take extreme care not to damage any surrounding area of the vehicle when trimming the excess.
• State and local laws may prohibit the use of window film on your vehicle. Check your local and state regulations to verify that the use of this product is approved.
• This product is to be applied ONLY to the OUTSIDE of the rear window, not to any other window of the vehicle, as it may obstruct visibility and create a safety hazard.
• Install this product only in strict accordance with the provided instructions. Installing this product may reduce visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know which size rear window graphic to order?
Please measure the exact rear window dimensions of your vehicle. Measurements should align approximately to one of the following:
14" x 53" (Chevy Avalanche)
18" x 58" (Compact Truck)
20" x 66" (Full Size Truck)
29" x 66" (SUV or Van)
*Some custom trimming will apply in order for the vinyl print to fit exactly. If you require a different size than above, please email us directly at

Can I wash my rear window graphic?
Yes. Rear window graphics may be washed with normal soap and water by hand. They are also safe for most automated car washes. Use care if high pressure cleaning in a “do-it-yourself” carwash and hold the pressure washer no closer than 12” to your rear window truck decals and graphic.

Can I use my rear window defroster?
Yes. Use of your rear window heater in both snow and rain is recommended and will not damage your rear window graphic. By using heat, you speed up the drying process of any water that may be temporarily suspended in the micro-perforations of your rear window graphic.

Can I still use my rear wiper?
Yes, rear wipers can still be used on truck window decals BUT sparingly if possible.

My rear window is tinted... can I still apply a rear window graphic?
Yes! Tint is applied to the inside of your rear window and rear window graphics are applied to the outside. Installing with tint will NOT affect your ability to see through the graphic.

Can I apply a rear window graphic on my “slider” window?
You can but the warranty will be void. The opening and closing of the window will start to lift the edges of the graphic, therefore reducing it’s lifespan. Dynasty Ink Vinyls are recommended for single pane windows.

Can I use application solution or soapy water to apply my rear window graphic wet?
No. Rear window graphics must be applied dry. Read our online instructions for applying rear window graphics.

Will my rear window graphic come off when I don’t need it anymore?
Yes. While your rear window graphic has a permanent adhesive that will last for many years, it should come off simply by peeling it off, beginning at the upper left or right corner and proceeding to slowly remove it. Rear window graphics that have been in place for more than 6 months may take slightly more force to remove or require the use of a plastic razor.

Anything I shouldn’t do?
Do NOT use ice scrapers on your rear window graphic. Do NOT use abrasives or solvent cleaners on your rear window graphic. Do NOT use a powerwasher to wash your rear window graphic.

Can I have a custom rear window graphic made?
Yes, please email us at for a quote